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"Inspect Auto me explicaron de una problema que vieron con dos de los llantas durante el verificacion de manejo"    

- A. Sastre Downtown SA, TX

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"Inspect Auto found out that the car I wanted to buy was in an accident & had the driver side wheel area repainted. The dealer didn't even realize it" 

- M. Matthews Southside SA, TX

"Inspect Auto found a crack in my gas tank!  Thank you Inspect Auto" 

- N. Weinstein Alamo Heights SA, TX 

used automobile inspections

"Inspect Auto found out the car had water damage and reconditioned it to appear like normal with different interior"

- C. Hernandez Stone Oak SA, TX

Used car inspections

"I called Inspect Auto for a second opinion as the shop told me I needed to replace a differential for about $400, it turns out, that the noise I was hearing was a loose tail light guard. Be careful with those fancy car shops!!"         - G. Price Stone Oak SA, TX

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